Helena Gorka

A registered Bach Foundation Practitioner bringing her almost 20 years of knowledge and intuition with the essences to her deep work. Bach Flower Essences were created by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920’s in England that then grew throughout  the world from his original work. Helena was born in Oxford, England and has a special affinity with the flower essences of Dr Bach as he developed many of his essences from the Oxfordshire countryside around his cottage. Each of the vibrational 38 flower essences relates to a mood or personality designed for a client’s precise needs helping to manage the emotional demands of life by bringing negative attitudes and feelings back into balance and perspective. A session begins with a consultation (in person or by phone or Skype) to ascertain your personal needs. Helena offers transformational remedies wisely crafting the unique combination of essences that can gently and effectively help transform your individual stresses, fears, anxieties into harmonized, empowered perspectives and emotions. The essences are then taken daily usually for several weeks until harmony is gained. Clients become attuned and connected to themselves and their own higher path in life. Helena guides you to tune into your own inner rhythm and help you uncover your potential for self healing. She also has taught Yoga for over 40 years and is a Family Constellation facilitator and practitioner of the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.