Upcoming Classes & Events

A Pelvis and Yoni Wellness Workshop

Bodyworker/ Erotic Movement Teacher Rie Katagiri and Holistic Women’s Health Specialist Pilar Chandler will be opening up a golden treasure chest of wisdom for women in Los Angeles.

SUNDAY, FEB 25th 3p-730P 
Space is limited
Have you spent any time on therapeutic practices for your Pelvis and Yoni?
Would you like to experience how the flow of energy from this part of your body is vital to your well-being ?
Learn self-massage techniques for the hips and pelvis to alleviate stiffness and lack of sensation.
The YONI EGG and Vaginal Steaming are two tried and true methods for rejuvenation and healing used for centuries.
Learn the history and how to use them. We will go through, step by step how to use and care for your Yoni Egg.
You will receive your own Nephrite Jade Egg, Yoga Massage Balls as well as an herbal Vaginal Steam for you to take home!
Location, TBD, either West LA or West Hollywood.
To learn more about Co-Host Rie… Visit her website and Instagram!!
*Image by Vanja Vukelic  https://merakilabbe.ca/

Spectra Yoga 300 Hour YTT

Are you looking to expand your yoga teacher training? Ready to up-level your YTT from 200?

Come join me along with many other wonderful teachers in this program. I will be leading the Anatomy & Ayurveda portions!

Follow link for more details and registration info:


Holistic Women’s Health Coach Training Course

Classes forming with details coming soon!

This is a year long deep dive into women’s health, and level 1 in a 3 part program. Ten Modules in weekend retreat format. As a holistic training course we will incorporate coaching skills for the Whole Woman (Body, Mind, Spirit).

Lessons in:

  • Spiritual Medicine
  • Emotional Witnessing (guidance and support)
  • Nutrition, Cleansing, Herbal healing, self-care

Modules such as:

  • Women’s History & Feminism
    • Goddess History
    • Blood Mysteries
  • Priestess Arts & Ritual Magic
    • Methods for Manifesting
    • Deepening Intuition, Being the Oracle
  • Sexual Health
    • Vaginal Kung Fu (Jade Egg Practice)
    • Sacred Slut & Owning Your Sexuality
  • Self-Care for the Modern Woman
    • Nutrition Basics
    • Cleansing
    • Breast Care
    • Mothering the Mother
  • Woman & Nature
    • Communing with the Elements
    • Vision Quest
  • Yoga & Meditation
    • Pranayama & Breath Work
    • Sadhana, Daily Spiritual Practice
  • Herbal Remedies & Supplements
    • Kitchen Remedies
    • Body Care Recipes


I love the classroom, either as a teacher or a student. I am consistently continuing my education and advancing my skill set as a Holistic Health Professional. This keeps me an inspired practitioner, at the forefront of innovative therapies. It also makes me a great teacher and educator. I have honed my teaching skills as a principal instructor for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health for ten years. I developed my own curriculum and style, infused with passion and patience.

I have taught classes and workshops in the following topics: Massage Therapy (Circulatory, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Infant), Yoga (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation), Anatomy (structural anatomy for massage students and yoga teacher training), Ayurveda (Introduction, Ayurveda for Female Health, basic herbal formulation),  Feminine Sprituality and Mystisym (The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power (c)) Rituals and Rites of Passage (Menarche, Birthing, Menopause)

–Pilar, Owner