Cancellation Policy

We are all busy people and our time is very valuable. You and I both have children or loved ones to attend to, responsibilities, work, hobbies and so on that deserve our attention. I am in humble gratitude that you have chosen me to be a part of your healing process and life, and I take great care to be sure to provide you with the best service I can. My business runs by appointment only, I don’t do “walk-ins” or have people “on-call” and I can sometimes be scheduled out one to two weeks in advance. Please understand that I do my best to accommodate the best time for the both of us and I ask that you observe the standard “24 hour cancellation policy”.

If you need to change, alter, or cancel your appointment you need to connect with me either via phone, email or text at least a full day before your appointment to avoid being billed for your allotted time. This ensures a mutual respect between client and practitioner.

Of course emergencies happen to us all, and if this is the case please let me know as soon as you know you will not be arriving at your scheduled time and we can discus. However, if you simply forgot about your appointment or just couldn’t call to cancel you will be asked to pay for the cost of the treatment that you reserved.

As a courtesy I try to send a reminder email or text before your appointment, as to avoid any misunderstanding This is not necessarily an opportunity to cancel fee free, it’s a courteous reminder of the appointment time you have previously agreed to.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciation.