Women's Wellness

Women’s Wellness


The nature of Woman is incredible. Women have the ability to create life and sustain life if she chooses, and/or become business entrepreneurs, world leaders and adventurers; able to do anything and more… and yet, I believe women are unique in their health-care, self-care needs… READ MORE HERE

Preparing for Pregnancy / Fertility Support

Preparing for Pregnancy / The Pilar Method © Fertility Support Package


The fertility support package can be used a few different ways. I can either be your primary care provider, supporting your nutritional and physical needs for a natural conception, or this package can be used to support your journey with any ART… READ MORE HERE

Prenatal Massage


Prenatal Massage Support throughout pregnancy has many benefits. With so many changes happening in your physical and emotional body in a relatively a short amount of time, massage can offer the needed support. Aches and pains soothed away, less swelling and puffiness are just some of the benefits… READ MORE HERE

Therapeutic Massage


Massage and bodywork are well-known throughout the world for the healing power of therapeutic touch. Some form of massage is documented in all ancient healing cultures, on every continent. The power of healing touch can heal many ailments, beyond the musculature of the body. Massage is grounding and stress relieving, stress being the primary cause of so many illnesses, diseases and disorders. It helps the body produce and receive the stress relieving hormones of the body, serotonin and oxcytocin. Massage and bodywork have been the cornerstone of Shri Veda Wellness…. READ MORE HERE  

Best Breat Treatment

The Best Breast Treatment


For women with healthy or compromised breasts… encapsulated implants, scar tissue, lumpy or fibro-cystic breasts. For all sizes and shapes… I had the pleasure of teaching massage therapy for 10 years here in Southern California… When I first began my own therapy training the general attitude about “breast massage” was pretty comfortable. Most of the students, myself included were comfortable receiving healing touch with a trustworthy therapist… READ MORE HERE

Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy


The Arvigo Technique is founded on the ancient healing systems of the Mayan culture. This tradition holds true that the womb / uterus is the center of a woman’s well-being. The technique is an external, non-invasive manipulation that repositions the internal organs that have shifted, thereby restricting blood, lymph, nerve and prana… READ MORE HERE

Doula, Birth Support


My love for natural birthing began with my own pregnancy and eventual home-birth of my daughter over 18 years ago.  It was a beautiful, life-altering experience that I will forever remember. It has been a love and passion of mine to work with women and support them and their family through this most magical time. There is nothing more inspiring for me than to witness the strength and beauty of a woman during this time or to witness the loving and unwavering support of her partner as they welcome the new life into their arms…READ MORE HERE