Wellness of the Pelvis Package

This package is designed for women who are looking to improve minor discomforts in the pelvic region and abdomen or simply nurture and nourish the reproductive organs and digestive system; minor discomforts such as cramping, irregular cycles, mild PMS, bloating, constipation and frequent urination. Although none of these need be present to enjoy the benefits of this work. You will feel lighter and more in-tune with your body. You will gain a deeper connection with your womb, the center of your creative potential. Your digestion will improve and you will be able to connect directly with your body center as you will learn the Self-Care techniques to take home with you to practice in between each of our sessions.

Here’s what it looks like…

Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy

Your initial appointment (about 2 hours) will include a thorough evaluation and intake process. You will also receive the abdominal treatment and I will teach you the Self-Care protocol. Your next for appointments will be the same abdominal treatment you experienced, however, when received regularly can have dramatic effects with re-aligning the uterus and balancing hormones.

Herbal Yoni Steam (8 take-home steams)

“Bajos”, as they are known in Spanish are used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus in conjunction with the Arvigo Therapy for the treatment of numerous female symptoms. It is a lovely and nurturing time to spend with yourself in-between our sessions. These at home mini treatments have been known to increase libido, nourish and lubricate the tissues, increase circulation and improve overall well-being. 

Female Tonic

This is an effective herbal tincture formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo and best used for treating the menstrual symptoms of painful periods; irregular periods; dark, thick fluids during menses; the presence of clots; lower back ache with menses; depression with menses.


Shakti Ojas, Goddess Nutrient Oil

A rejuvenating herb-infused elixir to support and enhance Goddess health and beauty. An excellent daily feminine lubricant and 2nd chakra massage oil. Indispensable for post and pre-menopausal women of all ages.

 And the cost breakdown…

Initial ATMAT    $250.

3 follow up ATMAT    $375.

Herbal Yoni Steams (8) $56.

Female Tonic $25.


Shakti Ojas Oil $25.

Total investment individually would be $706.


As a prepaid wellness package for $600. you save over $100.