Prenatal Massage Therapy

Prenatal Massage Support throughout pregnancy has many benefits. With so many changes happening in your physical and emotional body in a relatively a short amount of time, massage can offer the needed support. Aches and pains soothed away, less swelling and puffiness are just some of the benefits. Circulation support, reducing pelvic pain, stress reduction all help Mom and baby prepare for an easier transition through labor, birth and postpartum.

I have been trained in many types of prenatal massage, I have had advanced training as an Arvigo Prenatal Therapist as well as my education as a trained Doula, Ayurvedic Women’s Health Specialist and Certified Arvigo Abdominal Therapist. I can offer you support through out all stages of your pregnancy. I also provide and work with when possible, “The Body Cushion” which allows for optimal positioning for growing bellies of ALL sizes!

Prenatal Massage (up to wks 37)

  • First Appointment… $250.
  • Follow Up Treatments… $125.

Labor Prep Massage (38wks or more)

  • New Client… $325
  • Returning Client…$175.

Mommy and Me, Postpartum Massage and Infant Massage (home visit) … $350. (travel fees may apply)

Postpartum care at it's finest...the babes are so excited to get their "own" massage!

Postpartum care at it’s finest…the babes are so excited to get their “own” massage!

Benefits of the Arvigo Techniques for PregnancyDOC42


  • Optimal uterine position for successful pregnancy
  • Emotional and spiritual healing
  • Increase in the five systems of flow to all organs

During Pregnancy

  • Improved digestion with better absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste
  • Relief form pain and discomforts of pregnancy
  • Improved blood flow to pelvic floor muscles
  • Improved blood flow to baby
  • Increased oxytocin during massage to suppress fear and cultivate love
  • Reduced tension and anxiety
  • Increase in the 5 systems of flow to the uterine muscle and placenta
  • May increase oxytocin receptors for birth
  • Decreased congestion due to fluid stasis
  • Decreased first trimester nausea
  • Improved alignment of pelvic bones decreased pain from sciatica or hip misalignment
  • Increased circulation of blood and lymph to sacrum
  • Improved potential for the sacrum, “magic bone of fertility”, to oscillate during labor
  • Increased nerve conduction through the sacrum to improve communication to uterus and cervix
  • Heal past traumas due to the window of opportunity provided by the relaxin
  • Improved craniosacral rhythm, i.e., motility
  • Improve joint flexibility with L5, i.e., mobility
  • Protection od uterine ligaments from exaggerated stretching
  • Improved fetal positioning for birth; provides baby the optimal easy way out

During Labor and Birthing

  • Increased efficiency of labor from active labor to birth
  • Increasing confidence for mother by increasing oxytocin

During the Postpartum Period

  • Improves healing for diastasis recti
  • Involution occurs more efficiently and quicker
  • Helps to realign pelvic bones, sacrum and tailbone
  • Improves tailbone pain

Surgical Intervention

  • Multidimensional healing for women desiring VBAC
  • Reducing excessive scar tissue; first loving touch to uterine scar
  • Spiritual healing for surgical birth, especially in case of emergency and birth trauma