Support For Young Women (from 11, or the start of menses to 21)

It is so common today for girls as young as 12-13 to be prescribed birth control for menstrual pain. Yes, it can help regulate the cycle and reduce pain, but long term use of birth control can have many negative side effects. So why not try an easy natural alternative?

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage is incredibly beneficial and healing for any pelvic pain. It can reduce swelling and bloating, alleviate cramps and lighten heavy bleeding.

In your first session we go into a thorough health history where we discuss healthy eating, exercise, stress levels and sleep quality. Once completed you receive the treatment, which is a nurturing, non-invasive massage for your belly, hips and low back. After that I will teach you the Self-Care protocol with handout for you to take home and have.

It is so valuable to teach our young women how to care for their bodies. I think how nice it would have been if I could have been introduced to something like this early on. To learn how what we eat effects our emotions and our body. To be given a tool that can directly connect us with our womb, how to literally take our health and wellness in our hands.
Initial appointment (2 hours) $190.
Follow-up appointment (1 hour) $95.
YOUNG WOMAN'S MENSES TONIC, for PMS, irregularity & problems of newly establishing cycles

YOUNG WOMAN’S MENSES TONIC, for PMS, irregularity & problems of newly establishing cycles

Package for YOUNG WOMEN

This package is designed to offer support and continuous care for up to four months. It includes the initial Arvigo® appointment and treatment, along with 3 follow up treatments and a 1oz bottle of WishGarden’s Young Women’s Menses Tonic formula

Initial Appointment = $190.

3 Follow-up treatments = $285.

WishGarden Tonic 1 oz. = $12.

Individually this would cost $487.

As a prepaid package I am happy to offer at a further discount for $425.