Therapeutic Massage

Massage and bodywork are well-known throughout the world for the healing power of therapeutic touch. Some form of massage is documented in all ancient healing cultures, on every continent. The power of healing touch can heal many ailments, beyond the musculature of the body. Massage is grounding and stress relieving, stress being the primary cause of so many illnesses, diseases and disorders. It helps the body produce and receive the stress relieving hormones of the body, serotonin and oxcytocin. Massage and bodywork have been the cornerstone of Shri Veda Wellness. When you have a session with Pilar you can trust in knowing that her extensive education in over 25 modalities will be able to meet your needs. She has spent more than 3,000 hours teaching massage and bodywork for over 10 years to hundreds of students, as well as her experience in her clinical and private practice for over 16 years.  Her awe and curiosity of our miraculous human body has inspired her classes in anatomy, both in physical and the energetic bodies. From a gentle relaxation treatment, to frozen shoulder or whiplash rehab, you are in capable hands.
When scheduling please allow for a 15 min assessment if it is your first time, or first time with a new modality.

Therapeutic Massage  

60min / $95.     90min / $145.

Prenatal Massage  

60min / $125.     90min / $185.

Raindrop Technique  

60min / $150.     90min / $175.

Castor Oil Treatment  

60min / $150.     90min / $175.

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage

90min / $190.

I met Pilar when she came to one of my yoga classes. She has a dedicated yoga practice and amazing body awareness. Not only that, she is the only massage therapist that I will allow to work on my body. Her Ayurvedic knowledge has helped me heal from migraines, cysts, and work-related injuries. I carry a big stack of her business cards wherever I go and I hand them out to my students if they need healing. I cannot recommend her services enough!

Lauren Dahl

RYT-500, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Shakti

Therapeutic Integrative Massage, combines modalities such as these to suite you needs, Swedish / circulatory, sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, neuro-muscular therapy, passive joint movement, PNF stretching, crainio sacral, polarity therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology,  shiatsu, thai massage, tui na, touch for health, chakra balancing and reiki.

60min / $95          90min / $145

Ayurvedic Massage, takes into account your specific mind / body constitutional balance to to bring you to a deep state of harmony. Warm herbal infused oils are poured over the body while paying specific attention to the nervous system and the joints. You will feel nourished and fed by these healing oils while sacred mantras are chanted over you leaving you feeling purified and rejuvenated.

90min / $190.

Raindrop Technique, was created by Gary Young, creator and founder of Young Living Essential Oils. This therapy includes 9 therapeutic grade essential oils place on the back and on the feet. A deeply healing and detoxing treatment, I use it regularly in my home and practice for clients who are working with immunity challenges, looking for an immunity boost, quick detox, or overall well-being. The treatment includes reflexology, gentle massage and heat therapy. A great way to get a “deep tissue” effect with a really gentle touch.        **not recommended for pregnant or nursing moms, or anyone taking more than 5 pharmaceutical medications.

60min / $150.       90min / $175.

Castor Oil Pack Treatment w/ Abdominal Massage, designed after the Edgar Cayce Treatment. Warm castor oil (Palma Christi) is applied to the abdomen and massaged into the skin, then a wool flannel and hot water bottle help it to deeply penetrate into the body. While the oil is being absorbed you will receive a reflexology on your feet and legs. When castor oil is absorbed through the skin from these packs, some truly extraordinary events take place.

  • The lymphocyte count of the blood increases as a result of the oil’s positive influence on the thymus gland, lymphatic tissue, or both.
  • The flow of lymph increases throughout the body, speeding up the removal of toxins surrounding the cells and reducing the size of swollen lymph nodes.
  • You will notice a general overall improvement in organ function with a  reduction of fatigue and depression.
  • As toxicity is reduced, the pH of the saliva becomes less acidic, signaling improved health, and the Peyer’s patches in the small intestines more efficiently absorb fatty acids, which are essential for the formation of hormones and other components necessary for growth and repair.

60min / $150.        90min / $175.

Prenatal Massage, a relaxing and soothing treatment for all stages of gestation. Relief from muscle cramps, spasms, myofacsial pain, especially in the lower back, hips, neck and legs. Reduces strain on weight bearing joints. Reduce swelling by increasing blood and lymph circulation. Improve pliability of skin and underlying tissues. Provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering.

60min / $125          90min / $185


Pilar is AMAZING! She’s a wonderful healer, massage therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner that knows how to help with overall women’s health, fertility and prenatal care. I am a fertility acupuncturist and I highly recommend my fertility and pregnancy patients to her. She truly listens to your needs and is a very kind, compassionate woman. You will feel amazing after her massages too!

Dr. Tina Singh

Licensed Accupunturist, Radiance of the Womb